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Thursday, November 8 2018

Our morning program brings together three leading disruptors in their industries. Market disruption carries inherent risk and our keynote speakers will share their insights gained when the stakes are at their highest.

After the keynotes, our speakers will join an interactive panel session, your opportunity to put them on the spot with the questions that matter to you.

Techxposé promises insightful perspectives, an environment to facilitate great conversations, interactive technology demonstrations and networking with some of today’s most imaginative business and technology leaders.

Techxposé of a new market breakthrough

After lunch, an opportunity to hear about something a little different…


9:30 – 10:00

Doors open, registration, breakfast & technology demonstrations

10:00 – 11:15

Techxposé keynote presentations

Welcome and opening remarks

Redwood Stephens

President, Synapse

Techxposé: Navigating the Edge

Disruptive Innovation; when reinvention doesn’t go far enough

Naomi Kelman

CEO & President of Willow™

The landscape in healthcare decision making is shifting, as consumers, empowered and emboldened by access to more information and social media are increasingly making their own decisions. As part of this, Consumers also expect more and better choices as options. Sometimes adding features and improvements to current product lines isn’t enough and innovation needs to go much further. Case study: How an entrepreneurial startup boldly and completely re-imagined the breast pump for today’s millennial mom.

Learning from Failure

Robert Coneybeer

Co-Founder & Managing Director at Shasta Ventures

As an accomplished VC investor, Rob will present three examples of creating consumer products, incorporating newly-available technologies, at companies where he’s served on the board of directors. One had a good launch but ultimately failed (Eye-Fi), one had a spectacular launch and a great outcome (Nest), and one had a great launch recently but is too early to tell (Tonal). Rob will talk about why he led Shasta’s investment in each of these companies, as well as some key decisions, made behind the scenes at each of the companies, which were critical (but not obvious) at each stage of development. He’ll also talk about lessons learned from each of these experiences.

A recipe for digitizing an FMCG giant

Goran Kukic

Head of IT Innovation and R&D (VP Digital Innovation), Nestlé

The ingredients and recipe for innovation within a global food giant. Goran will share a taste of the great dishes arriving from the innovation kitchen and his perspectives on real versus perceived risks, the importance of patience and the impact of culture, inside a big company.

11:15 – 12:00

‘Navigating the edge’ panel discussion

The moderator

The panel

Richard Traherne

Chief Commercial Officer
Cambridge Consultants

Naomi Kelman

President & CEO

Robert Coneybeer

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Shasta Ventures

Goran Kukic

Head of IT Innovation & R&D (VP Digital Innovation)


Closing remarks for the morning

12:10 – 1:15

Lunch, networking & technology demonstrations

1:15 – 2:00

Techxposé of a new market breakthrough

Hyunjun Park

Co-founder and CEO, Catalog

An opportunity to hear about something a little different…

2:00 onwards

Refreshments, networking & technology demonstrations

Closing remarks and an invitation to join us for refreshments during technology demonstrations and networking with guests and speakers.

Event venue

640 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA

Valet parking available

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