Evening and Day


Keynotes from leading disruptors in their industries.

Representing startups, VCs and large multinationals, our speakers will share their insights gained when the stakes are at their highest, Navigating the Edge.

Evening event speaker

Reuven Carlyle


Reuven is a Seattle-based entrepreneur with global experience building early and mid-stage technology companies in regulated and commercial sectors, including energy, healthcare, higher education, transportation, military, government, and consumer markets. Reuven has served in senior executive, board of director and consultant roles providing strategic business development, sales, financing, due diligence and management services to a range of companies, including McCaw Cellular (acquired by AT&T), Xypoint (acquired by TCS, Inc.) Twisted Pair Solutions (acquired by Motorola) and Synapse (acquired by Cambridge Consultants).

Reuven also serves as an elected member of the Washington State Senate, where he is chair of the Senate Energy, Environment & Technology Committee. Reuven is passionate about the interplay between business and government and the application of advanced technology to solve complex public challenges. Special interests include next generation privacy, net neutrality, grid modernization, climate and energy, environmental sustainability, taxes, healthcare, education, global development around poverty and more.  Reuven holds a MPA from Harvard University and a BA from the University of Massachusetts and lives in Seattle with wife, Dr. Wendy Carlyle, and their four children.

Day event speakers

Naomi Kelman

President & CEO, Willow

Naomi is CEO & President of Willow™. Willow is the world’s first all-in-one wearable breast pump that fits inside a mom’s bra. Naomi’s strength is in re-imagining and truly listening for unmet needs in healthcare and in delivering innovative solutions that make people’s lives better. A consumer products veteran, Naomi spent her early years in the beauty industry at Clairol before becoming an expert in healthcare. She had a long, distinguished career at Johnson & Johnson where she served as President of Vistakon (Acuvue contact lenses) and Lifescan (One Touch diabetes) and she was Division Head of the Global Over-the-Counter (OTC) Division of Novartis. Naomi received her BA and MBA from Cornell University. She lives in California with her family. A private pilot, she enjoys exploring the US from the sky.

Robert Coneybeer

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Shasta Ventures

Rob is a founder of Shasta Ventures and a 22-year veteran of the Silicon Valley venture capital industry. He is passionate about anything with motors, including robots, satellites, and race cars. Early in his career, Rob served as an engineer in the Astro Space division of Martin Marietta, where he helped build the first A2100 satellite, a platform which is still in production today at Lockheed. Rob earned an MS in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Virginia. He also holds an MBA degree from the Wharton School.

Rob led Shasta’s Series A investment in Nest (acquired by Google for $3.2 billion in 2014). His current investments include Turo, Fetch Robotics, Eero, and Vector Launch Systems.

Goran Kukic

Head of IT Innovation and R&D (VP Digital Innovation), Nestlé

Nestlé is the largest food company in the world, operating in close to 200 countries and employing 340,000 people. Goran leads Nestlé’s global innovation efforts. His focus is on finding technology innovation partners, both startups and established global businesses, to explore novel digital technologies in fields such as digital marketing, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing and others. Goran has been with Nestlé for 16 years in a variety of roles supporting the larger Nestlé R&D organization from Switzerland. For the last three years Goran has been based in San Francisco, leading IT Consumer Innovation at Nestlé’s Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost. His current technology focus is on IoT, voice, AR/VR technologies, AI and Blockchain. Goran holds a BS in electrical engineering and a masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Zagreb. Outside of work Goran is a passionate martial artist.

Hyunjun Park

Co-founder and CEO, Catalog

Hyunjun is passionate about using biology to address complex challenges. As co-founder and CEO of Catalog, he is leading the effort to handle the explosion of digital information, using cutting edge tools of synthetic biology. Hyunjun obtained his BS at Seoul National University, PhD in microbiology at the University of Wisconsin Madison, and conducted postdoctoral research at MIT.


Richard Traherne

Chief Commercial Officer, Cambridge Consultants



Richard is Chief Commercial Officer of Cambridge Consultants group, the founding father of the Cambridge hi-tech cluster. Richard drives strategy to help clients transform their businesses globally through effective innovation. He’s passionate about creating highly collaborative relationships, in which Cambridge Consultants is a secret ingredient, helping clients to leapfrog competition, in markets ranging from satellite communications to implanted cardiac monitors. Richard has a background in telecommunications and, prior to joining the board, led and grew the company’s Wireless division for 10 years. Prior to that, Richard held R&D and management roles in consultancy and product manufacturing organisations, focussed on breakthroughs for international markets.

He graduated with 1st class honours in Electronic Engineering and Communications from Brunel University, London. Richard lives in Cambridge, UK, with a love of squash and windsurfing.

Internal speakers

Redwood Stephens

President, Synapse

As President of Synapse since 2014, Redwood has evolved the organization to serve a wide range of markets with leading technology and product development expertise. His leadership and engineering experience provide a balance of entrepreneurial spirit, market awareness, technical expertise, and people skills. Redwood believes that innovation is catalyzed when ambitious people from different domains come together. His leadership style is marked by humility and deep respect for every voice. Prior to his role as President, Redwood served as Synapse’s VP of Engineering. Before joining Synapse, he lead product development at Cascade Designs and was COO at Exbiblio.

Redwood holds four issued patents, eight pending patents, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. Outside the office, he enjoys commuting on his home built electric bike and spending time in the mountains with his family.

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